GSA has updated and refreshed the Multiple Award Schedule web page to improve user experience. These updates include:

For quick reference below is a table of the changes:


Legacy contentWhere you can find it now
Available offerings spreadsheetThe SIN look-up table on the landing page
Eligible SINs for cooperative purchasingThe look-up table linked from on the Help for state, local, tribal governments, and others page
Eligible SINs for order-level materialsThe look-up table on the Buy products and services outside a MAS contractor’s contract page
Eligible SINs for transactional data reportingThe look-up table on the Consider transactional data reporting page
MAS roadmapSummarized into a seven-step process list on the Roadmap to get a MAS contract page
MAS scope and templatesTemplates for all offerors are on the Required templates for a MAS offer page and the SIN-specific templates are linked with the specific SIN line item in the look-up table on the home page.
Startup SpringboardSummarized into two bullets on the Roadmap to get a MAS contract page
eToolsSeparated into Websites and tools for MAS buyers page and Helpful resources for MAS sellers page and both linked from the last row of tiles on their parent pages