Giving Back

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At K&G, we believe that success isn’t just about achieving personal goals; it’s also about contributing to the well-being of the community we call home. We are proud to be actively involved in initiatives that make a positive impact on the lives of those around us. 

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Here are a few of the organizations
and causes we’re passionate about:

Hope Connections

Hope Connections is an organization close to our hearts. Katey Grogan has served on the Board of Directors since 2017 and is currently the Board Chair. Hope Connections offers free, professionally led programs for people with cancer and their loved ones to deal with the emotional and physical impact of cancer. Hope Connections has locations in Bethesda, Landover, or online for emotional support, education, wellness, and hope.

As supporters and volunteers, we have witnessed firsthand the incredible work they do in providing emotional support, education, and a sense of community to those facing cancer. We proudly contribute our time and resources to help Hope Connections continue its essential work.

Mobilize Frederick

Mobilize Frederick

In 2020 a group of Frederick County and City residents including K&G team members Kate Wilson and Katey Grogan convened under the Climate Emergency Resolution, adopted by the City Board of Aldermen and County Council. They formed the Climate Emergency Mobilization Workgroup, submitting 40 recommendations for local action in their 2021 report, Climate Response and Resilience.

Mobilize Frederick is an organization committed to creating a more sustainable and accessible community. We are enthusiastic advocates for their mission of promoting environmentally friendly transportation options, enhancing public spaces, and fostering a sense of unity within the community. By actively participating in their programs and initiatives, we aim to make Frederick a more vibrant and sustainable place to live and work.

The City of Frederick

Sustainability Committee - City of Frederick

We are proud to serve on the Sustainability Committee for the City of Frederick. This role allows us to directly contribute to the city’s efforts to reduce its environmental footprint, promote renewable energy sources, and create a more sustainable future. We collaborate with fellow committee members, local businesses, and residents to implement eco-friendly practices and policies that benefit the entire community.

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