How Do I Keep My GSA MAS Contract Compliant Training

How Do I Keep My GSA ITC MAS Contract Compliant? Join GSA for a live training on November 9, 2023 for everything you need to know about keeping your GSA Information Technology Category (ITC) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) contract compliant.

Target Audience: Industry, specifically Information Technology Category (ITC) Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contract Holders

This training will cover topics including maintaining compliance with the MAS contract and understanding the Industrial Operations Analyst (IOA) compliance assessment process. Also discussed will be the roles of the GSA Procurement Contracting Officer (PCO), Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO), and the IOA.

Training will also offer an open forum for vendors to seek additional clarifications from expert GSA ITC MAS contracting personnel.

The MAS marketplace is highly competitive, and we encourage you to remain ambitious and eager in your pursuit of federal business. It can take several missed opportunities to identify the proper strategy for success, so learn from each one and apply that knowledge toward the next one. If you utilize the resources GSA has made available to broaden your understanding of the federal marketplace, then you will likely discover a federal business strategy that fits your organization.

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