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The National Institutes of Health Information Technology Acquisition and Assessment Center (NITAAC) released the solicitation for the highly anticipated Chief Information Officer-Solutions and Partners 4 (CIO-SP4) Government-Wide Acquisition Contract (GWAC).

Women’s Founder and ceo leadership conference — 3/8/21

International Women’s Day Event  
Hosted by CBL Consultants and Ratio Exchange

Join An Engaging Session To Discuss Being a Female CEO

The MAS Quarterly Newsletter can be read here: MAS Quarterly Newsletter

Be on the lookout. A new layout is coming to beta.sam.gov to users on April 26, 2021. The design changes users will see in April on beta.SAM.gov mirror the design of the integrated, new SAM.gov that all users will experience at the end of May.

Don’t forget to update your GSA Advantage Catalog to MAS via SIP or EDI by March 31, 2021. Contact us to help you.

Don’t forget to update your Price List (Text File) using the MAS Consolidation Price List Guide by March 31, 2021. Contact us to help you.

Checkout the updated timeline for the CIOSP4 release. Contact us for additional information or proposal support.

The Polaris Draft RFP has been issued under Notice ID 47QTCB21N0002. Contact us for additional information on proposal support.

Beginning March 8th, you will be able to use GSA’s FAS ID to log in to eOffer/eMod, and will no longer need digital certificates to access these applications. 

FAS ID is a secure, centralized identity management system that allows you to access many GSA applications with a single email and password. FAS ID was created as part of our overall IT modernization effort and has already been implemented on the FAS Sales Reporting Portal (SRP), GSA Advantage Purchase Order Portal, GSA Vendor Portal, the Mass Mod Portal, and eBuy. 

If you already have an established FAS ID login for one of these systems, there’s no need to register again. If you don’t have an established FAS ID already, simply follow the steps outlined in eOffer and register for an account starting on March 8, 2021. For technical support with eOffer and eMod, contact the eOffer/eMod Help Desk at 1-866 472-9114 or eoffer@gsa.gov