6-Step Approach

To a GSA Contract

What Federal Contractors can expect from our GSA Schedule Consulting Services

It’s time to grow your federal GSA business.

Increase your revenue and expand your market reach to federal business opportunities with GSA Schedule Contracts! Whether this is your first attempt, or you simply don’t feel you have enough time, preparing a GSA Schedule Proposal can be highly challenging. Our expert consultants at K&G take the guesswork out of developing a federal GSA Proposal, and will walk you step-by-step through the processes of preparing and procuring Federal Government contracts with ease.

We understand that you can’t drop everything to create your GSA Contract proposal.

Let the advisors at K&G do what they do best, so you can do what YOU do best. Our GSA Schedule consultants are highly experienced authorities and are here to help guide you through the development of your GSA Schedule proposal. We’ve broken down the process into a 6-Step Approach to get your contract prepared and secured quickly, alleviating the standard pain points of the GSA Schedule process.

What to expect from

the K&G Consulting GSA Schedule 6-Step Approach

Getting to know your business.

We’re eager to get the ball rolling on your GSA Schedule proposal. To start the process, our specialists at K&G will prepare a GSA Federal Contract Welcome Packet detailing what you can expect from the GSA Schedule process, as well as everything you need to know about the requirements for creating a compliant proposal.

Upon delivery of your welcome packet, a K&G advisor will schedule your initial GSA Consulting Project Kick-Off Call with our team of government contracting experts. In this call, our goal is to get to know you, your business and goals, discuss the federal contract GSA proposal strategy, set project expectations and answer questions about the process.

The GSA Proposal Preparation

Our goal is to make your proposal exceptional. To ensure your offer is compliant to the GSA Schedule standards, we’ll need to learn about your corporate information relevant to the requirements. Since you know your business better than anyone, our Senior GSA Consultant will plan weekly status calls at your convenience to assist in gathering the needed information for your GSA Schedule project.

We make it simple and drive the process for you.

These calls will allow us to present the current progress on your offer package, set expectations for the next steps, strategize and assign responsibility for these tasks, and address any questions or concerns you may have.

GSA Proposal Submission & Review

After we have completed the final draft of your federal GSA Schedule proposal, you will receive a copy to review before submission to the Federal Government Services Administration. Once we have your approval, we will submit the proposal on your behalf and will act as your liaison for the GSA review process.

A contracting officer or specialist will be assigned to review your offer once it has been submitted to GSA. During this period, K&G Consultants will maintain consistent contact with your GSA contracting representative to expedite the review process and keep the ball rolling.

GSA Schedule Proposal Clarification

At the end of the initial review phase, the GSA contracting specialist will email a request for a Clarification Letter to you and your K&G consultant asking for a more detailed explanation about your company. Often, these clarification requests ask for things such as refreshed information about your business, if applicable—an explanation of your current financial standing, additional details of your discounting policies and procedures, or a revision of some information in the contracting officer’s preferred format.

Your K&G consultant will review these requests and work with you to develop a response to the GSA contracting officer on your behalf as quickly as possible. We are sensitive to government response times and will deliver your Clarification Letter within 48 hours of the GSA’s request.

GSA Schedule Negotiations

After the Clarification Letter has been submitted and accepted, the negotiation phase will begin with a request from GSA for a price negotiation call. Your expert K&G consulting specialist will schedule a meeting and facilitate final price negotiations for your federal GSA Schedule contract.

Often, these negotiations involve a few steps. The GSA contracting officer will review the contract terms and conditions, then price negotiation will follow. After the new terms have been agreed upon, GSA will request a Final Proposal Revision (FPR). Your K&G advisor will quickly prepare and submit the FPR on your behalf within 24 hours. The assigned GSA contracting officer will then process your contract award upon receipt of the signed FPR.

GSA Schedule Contact Post-Award

Once awarded,GSA will send an email with your newly acquired GSA Schedule contract number.Your GSA Schedule expert team at K&G will prepare and send you next-step information, as well as register your new contract with the Vendor Support Center. Then, your K&G advisor will begin preparing materials for the GSA Catalog to upload your goods to GSA Advantage!, an online database for all GSA Contractors.

A Post-Award conference call is included in our full-service contract with you to address tasks and regulations that are important in the post-award phase. We will review compliance with Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). This includes adherence to the terms specified in your contract award, GSA sales tracking, mandatory reporting requirements, and additional contract compliance issues. Lastly, your K&G consultant will address preparation recommendations for your initial GSA Contractor Assistance Visit (CAV) to ensure both this appointment and future CAVs, run flawlessly.

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